Who is dating from real world brooklyn

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You weren’t ever in those situations where cameras were following you “intimately.” Is that something you walked into the show knowing that weren’t going to allow MTV to pry into?

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29 will mark the 88th anniversary of the biggest catastrophe to ever unfold in the Big Apple — that no one’s ever heard of.

Most remember that awful day in 1929 as Black Tuesday, the great stock-market crash.

“But my first thought was, the poor elephants,” said his wife, Deborah.

The one thing missing from the monument is a disclaimer: The statue, which can move from one place to another on wheels, is real. It’s the brainchild of artist-prankster Joe Reginella, who said, “Even if you know it’s fake, it’s fun.” Last year, he distributed brochures sending dozens of tourists to a nonexistent museum on Staten Island dedicated to a giant-octopus attack in New York Harbor that also never was.

"Only KINGS recognize QUEENS," she wrote in the caption. congrats @nas." Nas re-posted the image on his account, adding the words: "Straight Outta Queens!

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