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Rago, who graduated with a degree in history from Dartmouth College, first started at the Journal as a summer intern in 2005.He immediately made an impression on his bosses thanks to his writing style and breadth of knowledge.‘I immediately hired him,’ Gigot said.‘He was just too good not to hire.’Rago was hired as an assistant editor on the op-ed page.

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His colleagues at the newspaper grew concerned earlier in the day when Rago did not show up for work.

Rago’s boss, Paul Gigot, the editor of the Journal’s editorial page, notified the newspaper’s security officials, who promptly called police.

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At a meeting with senators pitching a bipartisan deal on immigration, President Donald Trump asked why the U. would admit immigrants from what he described as “shithole” countries.

He then became an editorial writer before joining the editorial board.‘He was the kind of person you liked to have a beer with - I know that’s a cliché, but it’s actually true,’ Gigot said.

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