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Although this doesn't address Java 8, I awarded the bounty to you, because no other answer so far provides any additional insights for Java 8 and your answer adds valuable content to your question.

Please see the answer of @PawełDyda for the difference between locale-specific date patterns and localized date patterns.

In case of my mother's tongue, at the time of writing, neither patterns, nor their localized forms are correctly translated.

validating date in java-32

*/ //Import the required classes/packages import javax.swing.*; import CASE_INSENSITIVE); private final static Pattern DATE_PATTERN_5 = Pattern.compile ( "^([12]\\d|3[01]).(Jan(uary)?

CASE_INSENSITIVE); private final static Pattern DATE_PATTERN_3 = Pattern.compile ( "\\d.\\d.\\d", Pattern.

For making your application support different locales, we need to create locale specific properties file.

The file names follow the pattern of bundle name with language code and country code, for example This is very helpful in making your web application texts locale specific, you can get the locale information from the HTTP request and generate the dynamic page with that locale resource bundle files.

Validating user input is, of course, a super common requirement in most applications, and the Java Bean Validation framework has become the de-facto standard for handling this kind of logic.

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