Validating data migration

by  |  21-Sep-2017 19:38

Instead, they rushed to move data, which led them to make careless mistakes, such as using the wrong delimiter to separate data elements.

This was easy to rectify, but each mistake added a couple of days to the migration project. For example, they failed to fully think through the different ways they could use their data in the new system.

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Before you know it, there will be the inevitable next migration project.

At this point, it is well worth identifying existing components that can be reused, as well as possible improvements thatcan be applied to the next migration solution.

A migration solution must have the following essential characteristics: manage all aspects of the data extraction, transformation, cleansing, validation and loading into the target and manage high volumes of data.

Also, be able to adjust and to issues in the working environment such as potential problems with source and target connections, disk space and memory problems.

They also wanted to cull duplicate records before the migration but ran out of time before completing the task. However, the company did do a few things correctly.

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