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There is an insidious subgenre of Valentine’s Day hate specifically aimed at people who are in new relationships or in the phase of dating where they’re not quite sure whether things will become serious.

Advice articles range from activity-focused ways to make it “less awkward” (“9 1 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day In Montreal With Someone You Just Started Dating”) to fear-inducing gift guides (“Spread the love!

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Molly and her wife were long-distance when their relationship started ten years ago, so Molly ordered flowers online.

Molly knew her now-wife loved the flowers, but didn’t realize how much until two years ago when they bought a house together and Molly found the box that the flowers had come in all those years before.

The novelty makes all the fanfare of Valentine’s Day tolerable: An expensive prix-fixe menu tastes better before you realize the extent of your partner’s financial worries; a weekend getaway is way more fun before you come to dislike their driving habits.

So on this winter day that we’ve selected to honor and celebrate romantic love, consider surrendering pragmatism to make room for possibility.

When Fox woke up for a work shift on her first Valentine’s Day with Jonathan, she found the room filled with heart-shaped balloons, chocolates in a heart-shaped box, several gifts from her Amazon wish list, and a sappy card with a dog on it.

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