Updating xp to media center dating courtship islam

by  |  26-Jul-2017 14:06

Try to install the latest version of the Windows Update Agent.Go to this page: - You'll get a Microsoft Fix it popup box.

I can restore back to before i installed SP3, and i can start up nprmal without that, but, i am still unable to run windows update, and i know there is updates to run after the recovery. Thanks, Jimmy I've seen this issue before on Windows XP and resetting the browser usually works for me.

If you are running IE8, try resetting your browser by following the directions on the link below...

I pick normal, or last good operating startup, and they all go back to the message at reboot.

I can start up with safe with networking, get on, and it is ok, and gets me on line, and all.

It's very much like IE and much more reliable for general browsing. You need IE8 as well for updates and MS downloads.thanks for all the help.

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