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Looking forward, rational design approaches will be discussed, as well as the current knowledge gaps that must be addressed before such methodologies could be standardized.

A review of current research in fire performance of concrete and masonry will also be reviewed, especially as that research relates to promoting rational design methods.

Presentations will encompass a variety of technical aspects, such as the residual behavior of concrete members, performance of concrete structures reinforced or strengthened with fiber-reinforced polymer composites, and damage detection and assessment techniques.

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The purpose of the session is to show the audience how consolidation needs to be reconsidered for modern twenty-first-century concrete mixtures.

The anticipated presentations will show the influence of concrete proportioning and workability on the consolidation energy necessary.

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The presentations in this session will emphasize the durability of concrete bridges and buildings subjected to aggressive environmental or physical distress.

ACI uses cement content alone as the basis for allowable chloride limits for new construction.

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