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There’s a “stress reliever” that lets you take a virtual hammer to your desktop (which I’ve been using a lot lately).There’s a picture of freshly painted double-yellow lines that go right over road kill, with the caption “not my job award.” There’s something called “cool juggle” that shows a video of a guy juggling who drops a ball outside the frame and becomes a stick figure when he goes to pick it up.Turning to the facts of the matter, the LA Times story, authored by Scott Glover, is riddled with half-truths, gross mischaracterizations and outright lies.

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Crude and juvenile, for sure, but not by any stretch of the imagination is it bestiality.

The fact is, Alex is not into porn – he is into funny – and sometimes funny has a sexual character.

There are over 300 individual items in the “stuff” folder, the vast majority of which are of this nature.

In addition, this folder contains about a half-dozen items that, while humorous, also have some kind of sexual aspect.

For example, this allows me to send links to my sisters so that they can see the latest photo of our grandchild.

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