Stop being accommodating in relationships

by  |  31-Dec-2017 02:13

Speak up more if you notice a conversation is one-sided. My friends and I have decided to write letters to our future selves. This is one way to see how time has changed me, but other ways also help to see short-term results.For example, you can write in your journal when you expressed your opinion confidently or made a decision for a group of friends.

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By then, our lunch plans wouldn’t have made any sense since it was getting close to midnight. I noticed myself looking down at my feet at the end of our conversation, holding the phone in my hand as I said cheerily, “No, it’s totally fine! ” I would ask, knowing full well my reputation for being mellow.

However, as time went on, I began to lose track of what being nice really meant.

As I started to think about my day-to-day experiences with other people, I realized that I was being taken for granted.

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