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In rural areas, the male to female population imbalance is even more extreme.Some researchers say that such demographic dips need to be observed over time, arguing that the trend could reverse.

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Daniel knows more about networks and computers than most people.

"Until now, I was married to my computer," he says, revealing what may be his greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness.

Others, though, view the gender imbalance seen in today's population as a true problem that also breeds others: The difficulties inherent in finding a partner and starting a family, they say, often lead to a lack of prospects, both personally and professionally.

Some men, they argue, are more likely to slide into right-wing extremism if they remain single. His most extreme characteristic is likely the fact that he lives like a hermit. "But people there talk and talk, and the second you suggest meeting up for a coffee, it's silence." So, Daniel, the computer nerd, instead went the more old-fashioned route: a lonely hearts ad in a newspaper.

Women, especially younger ones, tend to be more mobile than men and are more likely to move away to larger cities or to head to western Germany. Statistically, more women live in the state than men, but if you look at the numbers for the 18-30 age group – in other words, the residents who will shape the region's future – a very different picture emerges.

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