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The Land Registry Documents Team have proved most helpful throughout. In addition to providing the various titles and plans requested, they have also been most helpful in offering advice on the services they can provide.

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Our pack brings together all the documents held by the Land Registry which contain covenants which affect the property.

You will also receive our e-booklet which outlines the general law on covenants. Do you know where the legal boundaries are so don't end up building in someone else's land?

Simple transaction and low cost with no waiting, thoroughly recommended.

I had need to clarify a number of issues regarding ownership of land in our road: registration, plans etc.

These two documents are normally read together and both will be required in the event of a sale Documents Provided: Price: £29.95 Sample For leasehold properties, the lease contains a description of the leased land as well as all of the tenant's and landlord's rights and obligations including the amount of rent, who is resonsible for insurance, whether service charges are payable and if so what services the landlord is obliged to provide and what formalities need to be followed on a change of ownership.

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