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Calista Flockhart was so disheartened by negative criticism of her TV show Brothers & Sisters she considered quitting.

The drama - Flockhart's first show since Ally Mc Beal - was badly received when it first aired in 2006, and she agreed with the critics.

The Hollywood couple was forced to ask for a little assistance from Los Angeles' finest when the chauffeur-driven car they arrived at the party in failed to show up for the journey home.

HARRISON FORD and CALISTA FLOCKHART were escorted away from SIR ELTON JOHN’s post-Oscars party in the back of a police car.

The Hollywood couple donned red aprons and plastic gloves to help hand out turkey drumsticks, mash potatoes and gravy to more than 3,000 needy people for the Los Angeles Mission's annual event in the downtown area of the city known as Skid Row.

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