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So unless the potential exists of meeting the virtual bombshell in person fraud exists only. well i will say that every site will need people like the women from the first coment to get people to sign up for the site, im guessing that the site is fairly new.

My view of it all, i disagree with the site being fake, i am a girl on this site and have met a few guys on it. sites like this will always need people to drag other in and sign up so that they can make money and when they have enough people on their site then all those people who ae only there to promote the site end up leaving and all your left with is others like yourself who in this case are only wanting sex/erotic convos.

It was because we wrote them, we didn´t care about you.

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Ordering servers to permantly block on ban such sites would seem reasonable.

I don't see this as a violation of freedom of speech and expression I see sites like this only as criminal enterprises designed to harm innocent people emotionally. If I advertise land for sale cheap and you send me 20K only to recieve a package in the mail with drit in it; I have commited something fradulent and probably would be placed in jail for this.

In fact, the vast majority of adult sex sites are fake.

Doubtless, there are a few ladies on there that are legit.

i think guys who send msgs to girls who have unbelievable pictures up are just lookin for trouble!

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