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See full synopsis » Georges,a trucker, is the single father of young Frédéric. Nora begins sixth grade and is drawn to intrigues and doesn't really know what side she's on. On one hand she feels sorry for the bullied Karin, ...

His job prevents him from seeing his son as often as he could, as often as he should. See full summary » In an idyllic working class community, 13 year old Anka grows up, going through stages of adolescence, dreaming, first love and gossiping with girlfriends. See full summary » Madicken is a Swedish girl from the upper level family, growing up during the time of first world war which did not include Sweden.

It appears that some Axis countries nationalized certain producers of creative works during World War II, and ownership of their works may therefore have vested with the then-current government. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Eighth List of Notices of Intent To Enforce The following restored works are listed alphabetically by copyright owner; multiple works owned by a particular copyright owner are listed alphabetically by title.

SEE Friedrich Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, legal successor of the ABC-Film Gmb H (Germany).

----------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMMARY: The Copyright Office is publishing its eighth list of restored copyrights for which it has received and processed Notices of Intent to Enforce a copyright restored under the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.

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