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) I love how far away and tiny she looks in the mirror even though she was basically standing right next to me. #nationaldogday #love Happy 2 year wedding anniversary to the love of my life @michaelturchinart!! I love you more than 3 rescue puppies playing with a baby hamster! Today is our Civil Partnership and Wedding Anniversary. Researchers think these behaviors may be linked to sex hormones such as testosterone.Thanks to @amyandstuart who are the actual greatest wedding photographers around. I was lucky to meet someone who has the same drive and wanted the same things in life... I am so grateful to live in a country that acknowledges and supports same sex relationships. A wide face may mean more testosterone exposure, which may mean a higher sex drive, which may make the person want to cheat.Sassanian Dynasty Part of the reason for the stability of the Jewish community in Babylon was that the area was held by the Persian Sassanian dynasty from the 3rd century CE on.

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Caliph Omar Mohammed had died in 632 leaving no successor, a situation which led to immediate strife and a split in the nascent Muslim world.

The candidates for caliph were two: 1) his cousin Ali, who married Mohammed's daughter Fatima; and 2) his first convert and father-in-law, Abu Bakr.

267): (Another great rabbinic scholar in Babylon was Rav Ashi, the editor-in-chief of the Babylonian Talmud in the early 5th century.) These rabbis, as we explained in Part 39, are known in Jewish scholarship as Amoraim, "explainers" or "interpreters." The Amoraim lived from about 200 CE to about 500 CE.(1) They were followed by the Gaonim, the "great ones" or "geniuses." The Gaonim were the heads of the yeshivas in a time when Jewish scholarship thrived in Babylon. Things began to worsen for the Jewish Babylonian community in the middle of the 5th century when the Persian priests, fighting against encroaching Christian missionaries, unleashed anti-Christian persecutions and included Jews in the mayhem. 277): Things went from bad to worse ― with the Reish Gelusa executed at one point ― as Babylonia became embroiled in civil war and as the Byzantines continued their encroachments.

In the midst of this chaos, the Moslem conquest of the Middle East in the 7th century brought unexpected benefits to the Jewish community in Babylon.

The Resh Galusa was a person who was a direct descendant of the House of King David.

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