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by  |  02-Jun-2017 10:21

To stop blogging about her boyfriend (although she still blogs about other aspects of her life) and fess up that she did.

Good decision, says Kimberly Flemke, a therapist on staff with the Philadelphia-based Council for Relationships, a nonprofit relationship-counseling group.

"If you have a big secret, you want to have that trust established first so you know that the person is going to honor your privacy," she says.

"You can't do that in a new relationship because you don't know the other person yet." How soon is too soon?

Besides, waiting to reveal a potential deal breaker such as herpes or $300,000 in credit-card debt is just good dating decorum, says syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, author of "The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family." "You don't want someone to reveal too much at first because that itself is a deal breaker," he says.

But then, "it kind of overtook the relationship, especially in the bedroom.

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