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The fish, vertebrates like ourselves, are few and far between and only a few centimeters long." An eelpout wriggles feebly across the display, looking more like a dismembered finger than a fish. External bait lights flash to life across the bioluminescent spectrum; the cabin lights dim.To the denizens of the rift, drawn in by the sonics, a veritable school of food fish has suddenly appeared in their midst."We don't know the secret of the Channer Vent.

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You may also wish to enjoy the view directly, through any of the cabin viewports.

If you require assistance our guide and pilot are at your service. Joel catches sight of something on the back of her left hand; looks like a ref tattoo, but somehow he doubts that it's authentic. Something looms up on the other side of the viewport: mouth like a sackful of needles, a tendril hanging from the lower jaw with a glowing bulb on the end.

An eighteenth-century woodcut of a Kraken comes to life through the miracle of modern animation.

Crudely-rendered tentacles wrap around the masts of a galleon, pull it beneath chunky carved waves.

A female voice, designed to maximize attention from both sexes: "We have always peopled the sea with monsters"Mr.

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