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Însă Jim nu ştie că pe urmele râvnitei comori porneşte şi bătrânul lup de mare Long John Silver (Charlton Heston) împreună cu neînfricatul căpitan Billy Bones…IMDB : 7,4Trimite filmul&#x E037;" data-thumbnail=" Dr HIq G5XTM8Kg Mk VEr O18k IXr Q.jpg" data-src="/?modal&post_id=24513&field=embed&index=1&index2=0" data-field="embed" data-block="1" id="lazyframe-1-modal"&#x E037;" data-thumbnail=" Dr HIq G5XTM8Kg Mk VEr O18k IXr Q.jpg" data-src="/?Isla Blair does a great job as young Jim's protective mother.

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See full summary » Action & adventure are the order of the day when, in the 1700's, a treasure map falls into the hands of young Jim Hawkins. The opening scenario remains the same: Hamlet's father murdered by his brother who then weds the widowed mother. See full summary » A terrible storm is raging the night it all begins - with a knock on the door.

17-year-old Jim Hawkins helps his widowed mother run their little tavern on the coast of 19th century England....

An exceptional cast, which fits together beautifully, results in my favorite version of this oft-filmed classic.

While at times reminiscent of some of Hammer's adventure films, it certainly benefits from modern film technique, and rightly exceeds even the best of Hammer's pirate yarns.

Even if you are just checking this out for Christopher Lee's or Oliver Reed's performance, you'll find yourself engrossed in a wonderful family film and wondering why more classics aren't given such great treatment.

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