women dating Billund - Chuck wicks dating juleanne

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alum Chuck Wicks experienced the scare of his life when a chilling car accident nearly took his life.

“I talked to her this morning and she sounded like she was on her death bed,” he said at the time, according to

“She tried to hang in there as long as she could.” Added Wicks, 30, who had been planning to visit the Florida Keys with Hough, 21, after the festival, “I’m about the closest person you can get to Julianne.

"We are both extremely busy and working on our careers and really focused on that." (Her brother Derek also told her schedule is too hectic for a relationship: "She's a busy girl, doing an amazing job.

She's a great person.") Asked if there was any heartache, she told Us, "Not at all." Will these new couples last? And, no, it wasn't awkward seeing him at Wednesday's Country Music Association Awards.

"We are such good friends," she told Us of Wicks, 30, whom she began dating in 2008. We will always continue being good friends." See the best dressed stars at the CMAs She said they may even pen tunes about their split.

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