Casual rships in nairobi

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AND you can get your clothes washed in any camp either FOC or for a small fee.If you do it low key you will be fine with the allowance. numerous pairs shoes for the city/beach - you might end up re-packing at least for a week ;-) SV There are many many threads on Fodor's re "safari packing" which a search will bring up for you.From years on safari, all you need is enough clothing for the place you stay the longest. For your hair - a hat, bands, scrunchies, barrettes.

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A jacket or fleece (though nights/morning can get pretty darn cold in July, especially if in open safari vehicles). Safari clothing or something "nice casual" will work. Lynda’s packing list—the most extensive ------------------- Other packing info Even what people wished they had brought but didn't As I don't know your itinerary, don't know if this will work for you ...

As I've said before, if I, "la princess" can manage for 3/weeks and still come in less than 30/lbs, anyone can. You certainly don't have to purchase "safari" clothing, nor look as if you stepped off the pages of Vogue. We stayed our first and last nights in a hotel in Nairobi and as I was going to SA for a holiday after safari I left my hard case with holiday clothes at the hotel storage room and just took a soft bag with what I needed for safari.

"Don't go on safari to Africa if--You hate bugs" I have far more bugs at home.

Bugs and bug bites have not been a problem for me, at least not in the dry season when I've gone.

As someone who usually has loads of luggage how do I cope with only 15Kg and what do I take and what do I leave behind?

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