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Anyone with a psychology background feel free to offer your analysis as to how a video made by a performer whose music I think is only in the decent to good range can make a video in a style I can't stand and yet it is my favorite ever.

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Beyonce videos single ladies put ring

'This has been our sporting home for 60 years and we matter too! The women created a petition page with the hope they would garner enough signatures to save their beloved club.

'We have 600 members, mostly elderly,' the women said.

19 -- but the Queen's fans only got a glimpse of Blue Ivy Carter doing the “Single Ladies” dance along with her mother and the rest of the wedding crew this weekend, in a Instagram post by Andrew Makadsi, Beyoncé’s art director.

In what appears to be a Boomerang video, the wedding guests wave their left hands back and forth while Blue Ivy emphatically uses both hands, creating her own spin on the iconic dance move.

1 on the Billboard chart and staying on top for four non-consecutive weeks, the single dominated Hot 100 Airplay, topped U.

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