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This year, because of the restriction in the number of participants, the organizing committee made the decision to invite, in the first place, settlers already living on the land and those who were seeking or were in the process of acquiring land. Because they have not only read the books, but already, in actual fact, are creating their own Kin's domains.

These people have something to share, and there are common, pressing issues that must be resolved.

The distance to any urbanized area is 30 km (Ryazan, Rybnoe, Zaraysk).

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The presence of a large body of water 50 m from the settlement will make it easy for you to swim, fish, and go boating.

Translation Copyright Kin's Settlement "Svetloe" The kin's settlement of Svetloe was established in the Crimean foothills, in the cozy valley of the Chatyr-Dag Mountain. The settlement is located 20 kilometres from the city of Simferopol along the Yalta Highway.

Once they became acquainted with the Charter, new arrivals had the opportunity to evaluate their compatibility with us.

For us, the settlement is a group with a common vision of our goals and the means to achieve them, a group united by a common cause.

The kin's settlement of Svetloe was created in November 2006.

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